Do you like epic fight scenes with a side of silliness? “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” gives you all of the outrageous, cheeky fun that you may have enjoyed in the first movie and takes the explosive action and stylized production to new heights. The spectacles, the suits, and the gadgets are even more fantastical as Kingsman is joined by their American cousin, Statesman, bringing the story to a global stage. Interwoven among impossible events is a game of one-upsmanship to see what will finally break our protagonist Eggsy, aka Galahad. Just be prepared for the same level, if not more, of misogyny. Female characters continue to lack any depth and are used as simple plot devices or set dressing much like the first installment.


Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman team up again to take us to new, international locales and introduce us to new characters. This movie, much like its predecessor, has all the look and feel of a comic book with bold colors, quick cuts, and caricatures of humanity. Everything that takes place seems like either a nod and wink to the audience or something very tongue in cheek. Everyone plays to their trope severely well, and nothing ever gets too serious. The movie is very much in touch with its inner child at full throttle.

Jeff Bridges Q & A at the Alamo Drafthouse in NYC

A surprise to the very end, we were treated to a live Q&A with The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, immediately after the screening. In a dapper, three-piece suit with a glass of vodka on the rocks in hand, the silver-haired actor sat down and answered questions from the moderator and Twitter. When asked how he prepared for his role in the movie, Mr. Bridges admitted his character was patterned after his own father and also world renowned actor Lloyd Bridges. The character’s look was how he imagined Ted Turner would look in his position. Even after a lengthy career in show business, Mr. Bridges was still surprised when Matthew Vaughn personally reached out and offered him the role in Kingsman. He and his wife had enjoyed the first, so he was excited to be in the second. He went on to tell several more stories as a Hollywood veteran. With this cast of younger actors looking to him for advice about performance anxiety and stage fright, he had this to give, “Get friendly with that fear because it’s not going anywhere no matter how long you’ve been in the business.” Some additional takeaways: 1) Robert Redford still gets nervous about acting and gets super sweaty palms, 2) he loves to dance – that’s how he fell in love with his wife, 3) his middle daughter ultimately gave him the permission and the courage to pursue the role of The Dude, 4) his paintings and music created while preparing for a role can be seen and heard in some of his films, and 5) when hosting a live Q&A, always have a place for your guest to set down their glass.

On a final note, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy seeing an enormous pair of silver-sparkly platform heels flying through the air and connect with a baddie’s face. To find out who is wearing those heels, go see the movie. Join the conversation and tag your review of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” with #3WordReview on Twitter.