Friends & Sponsors of the Show

We’ve got some pretty amazing friends… If you’d like to join in the debauchery, be sure to let us know!

Amazon Associates Program
Basically, if you shop through this link, GUI gets a percentage! It costs you nothing extra, but helps us immensely.
Loot Crate
Basically, if you sign up for Loot Crate through this link, GUI gets a percentage! It costs you nothing extra, but helps us immensely. Use the code “SAVE 3” during check-out to save 3 bucks off your first crate
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson is the author of the sci-fi/horror novel Carrier from Permuted Press. Nothing frightens him more than the future, so he writes about it in hopes that he is wrong.
Emily Cee Digital Design


Emily Cee Digital Design for graphics, web design, branding, print design, and much more. Specializing in event design and retro styling!

Gift Shop of Horrors
Horror Unleashed! Horror t-shirts, posters, prints & more! Shop smart, Shop Gift Shop of Horrors!
The ultimate experience in grueling terror, a true Rock & Roll Horror-show, all in 3-D
Spiderbite Studios
Our services range from digital photography and videography, to image retouching and manipulation, promotional advertising, graphics design and various project production.
The Gojira Experiment


“Defying Genre And Good Taste”

YMM Podcast
We are an uncensored weekly internet radio program hosted by Toddske, Tito, Steve Reeve and Ashley based in Fort McMurray, Alberta featuring many different members of the community.
Instant Replay Live
A gameplay channel featuring a slew of PC games from all genres: RPG, Action, Adventure, FPS, Platformer, RTS, Puzzle, Stealth, Survival, Strategy, & Sim.
5th Annual Creatures Grimm MC Toys For Tots Benefit & Poker Run

Mark your calendars, because we’re back for the 5th year running!
Please join the Creatures Grimm MC for our annual Toys for Tots Benefit and Poker Run.

Punks For Presents

Punks For Presents has been a beloved Richmond, Virginia tradition for the last 12 years. Our holiday themed tribute shows span musical genres beyond punk to include metal, goth, industrial, rock ‘n’ roll and more. With every passing year, we expand not only the styles of music you can expect, but spread further across our city through multiple dates and venues.